DIY: Homemade Lip Exfoliator

Thursday, January 19, 2012

When it comes to beauty it's not just all about the makeup that stands out, it's the prep work before hand. I'm sure everyone has exfoliated their body at least once in their lives (or if you're like me and totally obsessed, because of the smooth buttery skin result afterwards) but no one thinks twice about exfoliating their lips. Why not? Don't you want those silky smooth also?

Good news! You don't need to pay a fortune for high end lip scrubs, nor do you have to endure that horrible taste either. You can create a completely effective lip exfoliator right in your own home, and it's easy too! All you need is two ingredients, that's right just two. How can you even think twice? It's easy, effective, all natural, and most importantly inexpensive!

Here's What You'll Need!
  • Pure Honey (you can also use your favorite lip balm, though I like using honey because it's all natural and tastes yummy also)
  • Granulated Sugar
And the application process couldn't be simpler! 

Step 1: Apply a pea sized amount of honey to your finger
Step 2: Press your finger into the sugar, until a desired amount sticks to the honey 
Step 3: Now apply this to your lips, and begin to exfoliate using the same finger. After about a minute or so, remove your honey/sugar mixture with a damp cloth and finish up by applying your favorite moisturizing lip balm to your lips!

There are many benefits to making your own lip scrub, not only are you saving money but you are also not putting your lips through treatments with chemicals that could potentially damage them. If you keep up with this religiously, and use this treatment a few times a week you will see a dramatic decrease in those awful chapped lips. Enjoy your kissable lips!



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