Fashion Friday: Campus Must-Haves

Friday, November 22, 2013

As a college student there are a few essentials we MUST have when trekking our way to classes. Right? Right!

I'd say my major must have would be a large tote bag; my favorite-Armani Exchange in all black of course. There are just so many things as a student you need to make sure you have on you at all times.

Which brings me to my next must-have, a coat and boots. If you're going to be walking around campus all day, you have to be prepared for chilly fall air, rain, or the change that it will be 60 degrees in November (happened way too many times for my liking this year.) So when that 60 degree weather hits you want to be able to take your coat off and throw it in your tote. Or you want to make sure you can whip your umbrella out before the rain ruins the blowout you spent 30 mins on the night before.

And my last, but certainly not least, a Starbucks traveler mug! I'm addicted to Starbucks and I kind of have an obsession with their holiday travel I always have one in my hand!

Stay Gorgeous!
XOXO, Ashley

Santa came (way) early! Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette is here!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The time has come! The Urban Decay Naked Palette trilogy is complete! Unfortunately it's sold out right now but hopefully the Urban Decay angels will come through for us crazy makeup lovers. The colors in the Naked 3 palette are a bit different from the Naked 1 & 2 palettes as they have a little more rose gold hued colors incorporated. Of course it's packaged in the gorgeous metal snap close case like the Naked 2 palette with the double side makeup brush. As soon as I can get my hands on one of these beauties I will definitely be putting up swatches as well as a review! I would say hopefully Santa will bring one from his workshop but I um..definitely cannot wait that long! Be sure to check back soon

Stay Gorgeous!
XOXO, Ashley

Beauty Monday: Smashbox Be Legendary Posy Lipstick

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi Beauties!

I recently received my Smashbox Pop of Pink set in the mail and I'm still shocked at the awesome steal I got for 4 full-size  Smashbox products! One of my favorites in the set is the 'Be Legendary' lipstick in the color 'Posy.' I just started a crazy obsession with pop of color lipsticks and 'Posy' was a great color to start my collection with. 

'Posy' is a creamy nude pink with a hint of luster that gives the perfect amount of color and sheen to your pouty lips. It's safe to say I'm obsessed and 'Posy' can accompany anything from a smoky eye and great outfit to a neutral eye and casual outfit. I really do believe this is the best all around lip color for any skin tone, eye color, outfit choice, or time of day! I love love this lipstick and can definitely see myself stocking up on every color of the 'Be Legendary' Smashbox lipsticks!

I definitely recommend trying them and letting me know what you think!

Stay Gorgeous!
XOXO, Ashley


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hi Beauties!

When applying eye pigments we usually want a color that will make our beautiful eyes stand out, right? right! A great trick that I learned is, if you've ever studied the color wheel to apply the eyeshadow according to the opposite color of you eye color or a hue in the same family. 

Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, you should go for an orange hue because blue and orange are across from each other on the color wheel. The shadow doesn't necessarily have to be orange but a color in that family with the same undertone - for instance gold, amber, or chestnut will work well too. 

Green Eyes
For green eyes a mix of pinks, purples, and mauves will best make green eyes pop. Again these don't have to be the exact colors but a variation of undertones and hues will work great.

Brown Eyes

For brown eyes a mix of teals, blue, and purples would definitely make your brown eyes pop! As well as neutrals in beige, taupes, and bronze.

Stay Gorgeous!
XOXO, Ashley

June Birchbox

Hello Beauties!

I've been subscribed to Birchbox for over two years now, and I think it is a wonderful service. For a flat rate of $10 a month, Birchbox sends you 4-5 deluxe size beauty samples right to your front door. You fill out a small survey based on your personal features, and Birchbox makes sure the products they send suit you. I'm not going to lie I've had some duds, but I have found a bunch of products I love and have gone on to purchase in full size!

Here's what you can expect in a typical Birchbox

Birchbox packaging
Color Club mint green nail polish
Origins charcoal pore cleansing mask
Origins energy-boosting moisturizer
LAQA&CO. lil' lip (no color specified)
Left: natural lips Right: LAQA&CO. lil' lip
Overall- this was a pretty decent box! I also received an Oscar de la Renta fragrance sample but I forgot to photograph it (oops, sorry!) The nail polish is a pretty mint green, perfect for the spring and summer! I'm really excited to try the charcoal pore cleansing mask! I'm looking for a good mask, in fact I just ordered the Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Masque and I cannot wait to try it! As for the lip pencil, I loved the texture! It was super creamy and nicely pigmented. It's also a color I've been eyeing for a long time, but never was able to bite the bullet and purchase it because it can be intimidating. (The pictures don't do it justice, it's basically a highlighter pink similar to MACs Candy Yum Yum).

If you'd like me to review my monthly Birchbox, let me know in the comments.

Stay gorgeous,
XOXO Alyssa


Monday, June 10, 2013

Hi Beauties!

So this summer it's all about color, color, and more color! I recently came across this awesome Smashbox POP OF PINK kit at an amazing price. The pinks are perfect for summer weddings, a night on the town, and even date night. The lip gloss and lipstick are said to be a smooth buttery finish with great pigment as well as high pigmentation in the blush and a great volumizing mascara.

I decided I had to have this Smashbox kit, so when it comes in I will definitely be doing a review on my goodies and telling you beauties all about it! 

Beauty Monday: Inner Beauty

Hello Beauties!

For me I have always believed that beauty is eternal, and that it truly does radiate from the inside out. Beauty is so much more than simply putting on a full face of makeup, a killer outfit, and then calling it a wrap. Beauty is about confidence, happiness, positivity, and so much more. It is so important to find what makes you happy, go out and achieve it and you'll find yourself in such a great mind state.

For as long as I can remember I've always been comparing myself to others, whether it was a model in a magazine, or one of my close friends. I always wondered why I didn't look like those beautiful models. I was upset and depressed that even though I would style my hair the same way or wear the same clothes I was so different than them. What I didn't realize at the time is that there is only one you. It's a tough concept to grasp, but once you do it's life changing. You begin to focus more on becoming a better you, rather than just trying to mimic what you see in the tabloids. You are the single most important person in your life and you deserve to be happy!

Beauty and confidence comes from embracing your true beauty and truly loving who you are as a person. It's not about the perfect foundation or volumizing mascara- that comes later. Being confident in your own skin is way more beautiful than a full face of makeup. Not that I don't love getting glammed up, but it is important to feel confident with both a made up face, and a fresh and glowing one as well. 

I just want all of you to know that you are beautiful! If there are aspects of your life that you aren't happy with- do something! You have your entire life you owe it to yourself to make something of it. Work on the things you are self conscious about, boost your self esteem because I promise that you can! A healthy body, is a healthy mind and spirit! So love yourself for who you are, because there is no one else out there like you. Stay gorgeous, be happy, and let your inner beauty shine through!


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